WSJ Goes Green, Sorta

by Bill Chameides | June 16th, 2009
posted by Erica Rowell (Editor)

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Check out the Journal Report in Monday’s Wall Street Journal. It’s all about global warming mitigation.

I’ve often taken the Wall Street Journal to task for its one-sided, ill-informed treatment of the climate in the paper’s editorial pages. But the news section, of course, is a different beast, run, so I’m told, by a very different group of folks from the people in charge of the editorial section. That difference is abundantly clear in Monday’s WSJ. The Journal Report section begins with this in the Editor’s Note:

“To deal with global warming, we have to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide we spew into the atmosphere. End of story.”

The section then goes on to discuss a whole host of issues with respect to dealing with global warming. Check it out.

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