1. Obama’s New Carbon Emissions Rule: Drumroll Please…

    An historic event or an historic trend?

    No real surprises here. Through a series of leaks and pre-announcements, we all knew before this morning that President ...READ MORE

  2. States of Denial: We Don’t Need No Climate Education

    Oil and gas interests trump truth for many state legislators. The second in a two-part series.

    Our story of the cozy partnership between political leaders and the ...READ MORE

  3. In a Global Warming World: Protect and Rebuild or Retreat?

    Hurricane Sandy decimated coastal communities. Now what?

    The Far Reach of Our Coasts — and Coastal Problems

    While less than 10 percent of U.S. land area is ...READ MORE

  4. More on That Polar Vortex Thing

    Yes, we were cold, but others were warm.

    Now We Know What a Polar Vortex Is, but Do We?

    If someone had told me a couple of ...READ MORE

  5. 7 Stories From Winter Break, Circa 2013-2014

    A précis of environmental news and happenings over the holidays.

    With the holiday season behind us and 2014 upon us, it’s time to get back into ...READ MORE

  6. Top 10 Environmental Stories of 2013

    The winter solstice is behind us, and the holiday season is upon us. Before we sign off for 2013, here’s TheGreenGrok’s take on the top ...READ MORE

  7. Extreme Weather: Fire and Rain in Colorado

    In the space of four months Colorado goes from one extreme to another.

    If you’ve been following the news, you may have heard that over a ...READ MORE

  8. Starting to Suss Out Connections Between Extreme Weather and Climate Change

    Scientists start to meet a “grand challenge” and none too soon.

    Whenever an extreme weather event occurs these days, the question almost inevitably asked is: Was ...READ MORE

  9. Science Mag’s ‘Once and Future Climate Change’ Coverage

    The same week that NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center releases a report confirming that “worldwide, 2012 was among the 10 warmest years on record,” Science magazine devotes ...READ MORE

  10. The Artistic Appeal of Clouds

    Crossposted with Huffington Post’s TEDWeekends feature Embrace Nature’s Wrath. Read an op-ed by the TED speaker who inspired this post and watch her TEDTalk below.

    Never underestimate ...READ MORE

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