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Statistically Speaking: Blowing in the Wind

by Bill Chameides | August 27th, 2010
posted by Wendy Graber (Researcher)

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A downed tree near Manaus, Brazil, where a great number of trees were felled by a line of powerful storms in 2005. (Jeffery Chambers | Tulane University)

Storms can do a lot of damage, especially to trees.

Five years ago this coming Sunday Katrina hit New Orleans.  The storm didnt just wreak havoc with peoples lives and property, it also exacted a heavy toll on the environment, including felling a vast number of trees.  Here are some tree-related facts and numbers to ponder as we head for the weekend.

1 . Of literary and historical note

Most famous tree felled by a storm in the 21st century: Tree Anne Frank wrote about in her Diary of a Young Girl felled on August 23, 2010.

2. Freak out in the Big Apple

Number of trees felled in Central Park and Riverside Park during one freak storm on August 18, 2009:  more than 150

3. Mon dieu, a hurricane hits France

Estimated percentage and number of the trees felled by a single storm in parts of the southwest of France in January 2009:  60 – 70%  or hundreds of thousands

4. Oh la la, dont forget hurricanes on this side of the Atlantic

Number of trees felled by Katrina across the Gulf Coast: roughly 320 million

5. One for the record books?  (Using recycled paper of course.)

Estimated number of trees felled by a single squall line traveling across the Amazon in January 2005:  roughly 500 million

Now how ’bout leaning back in your recliner and contemplating how many bored (sic) feet that is.


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