Climate Change Chatter: Science and Politics

Sen. Marco Rubio
by Bill Chameides
May 12, 2014

When climate chatter occurs amid presidential chatter.

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3 Green Suggestions for Your Mom on Her Day

E-cards for Mother's Day
by Bill Chameides
May 9, 2014

At a loss for original ideas for Mother’s Day? TheGreenGrok, with just a little tongue in cheek, is here to help.

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Global Warming Alert: Methane Levels Continue to Climb

by Bill Chameides
May 8, 2014

Troubles from wetlands’ bubbles?

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The Senate Takes on America’s Energy Future: On Pipelines, Posturing and Politics

by Bill Chameides
May 7, 2014

“Fair is foul and foul is fair,” it is said. Which is which in a proposed Senatorial horse-trade — a Keystone Xl pipeline in return for energy efficiency.

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Following the Money: Energy Dollars Hard at Work on Capitol Hill

Energy Lobbying Dollars
by Bill Chameides
May 1, 2014

Is the alternative energy industry losing the influence-peddling war to fossil fuels?

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Clean Air Ruling Strikes One Must-Do off EPA’s List

Folks in the Northeast, colloquially called the nation’s “tailpipe” in environmental circles, can breathe a bit easier thanks to a court ruling upholding EPA's rule requiring dirty power plants like this one in Virginia to clean up their act to clear the air in downwind states. (Wikipedia)
by Bill Chameides
Apr 30, 2014

We don’t have to wait any longer. The Supreme Court says yes to regulating cross-state air pollution.

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The Chemicals That Promise Summer Without Mosquitoes

by Bill Chameides
Apr 24, 2014

What else are you getting with services that offer mosquito-free yards?

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Taking a Stroll With E.O. Wilson

A Window on Eternity
by Bill Chameides
Apr 23, 2014

Illuminating the eternal through nature, and the humanity of an icon of science. A review of Wilson's latest book.

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Arctic Sea Ice Update: The Melt Is on, How Low Will It Go?

A NASA Blue Marble view of Arctic sea ice on March 21, 2014 when it reached its maximum extent. (NSIDC)
by Bill Chameides
Apr 21, 2014

Arctic sea ice began its annual meltdown March 21.

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Phew. No ‘Material’ Effect Expected From Dan River Coal Ash Spill, Says Company.

Dan River Coal Ash Spill
by Bill Chameides
Apr 18, 2014

Duke Energy's cleanup costs for the Dan River coal ash spill?

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