1. ‘The Great Invisible’ Wins Full Frame’s Best Environmental Film

    Environmental winner documents the impact of the Deepwater Horizon disaster on the ecosystem — the human ecosystem.

    Full Frame Festival: A Springtime Cornucopia of Documentaries

    With the first ...READ MORE

  2. Shrimp Down, Lobster Up: Is There a Connection?

    Something fishy’s goin’ on with the the shrimp off the coast of Maine.

    Maine Shrimpers Cut off

    You may have heard, the 2014 shrimp season in the ...READ MORE

  3. Supertyphoon Haiyan Redux

    In this case, as with Sandy, “super” is definitely not superfine.

    First, a Look at the Word ‘Super’

    Back in the day the word “super” was reserved ...READ MORE

  4. Year-Specific Predictions of Climate Change

    And now for some good news: Despite headlines, we can’t be sure when our goose will be cooked.

    The recent release of the Working Group 1 report of ...READ MORE

  5. The Latest on Microbes: New Insights Into the Life Lived on the Wee Small

    Microbes, they get a bad rap. But, as I’ve reported on before (for instance here), not all microbes are bad news. A couple new papers ...READ MORE

  6. A Labor Day Weekend How-to-Help-Save-the Ocean Video

    For many Americans, Labor Day Weekend is traditionally the last one for a romp in oceans. Plastic should be on their minds.

    Study after study shows that ...READ MORE

  7. A ‘Winners and Losers’ Shell Game in the Ocean

    Here’s an update and a bit of good news on the ocean acidification front.

    The Primer

    This is a topic I’ve covered quite a bit (see “Ocean ...READ MORE

  8. Another storm pounds the North Carolina coast (sort of)

    Did Hurricane Sandy violate the State Legislature’s restriction on sea level rise?

    Last summer the North Carolina Legislature and governor reached a compromise on a law that ...READ MORE

  9. The oil spill that keeps on surfacing

    The BP oil spill is back in the news … again.

    It is euphemistically called an oil “spill.” And I suspect for many Americans it is ...READ MORE

  10. Oodles of nurdles not so good

    The sorry story of the nurdle.

    The story starts with plastic, well, plastic pollution actually. We’re all familiar with the problem. Plastic soda bottles filling up ...READ MORE

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