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  1. Obama’s New Carbon Rules: What Price Regulation?

    Can good economic times roll while carbon emissions decline? Maybe so.

    CO2 vs the Economy, 2010-2012

    It’s just a three-year span, but from 2010 to 2012, U.S. CO2 emissions declined while ...READ MORE

  2. Obama’s Climate Legacy May Come Down to Coal and ‘No’

    The Obama administration gave environmentalists little to cheer about last week, but the game is hardly over.

    When it comes to climate change, Obama’s rhetoric has ...READ MORE

  3. In the House, a Little Quid Pro Coal?

    Coal is down but not out thanks in part to a pro-coal rider passed in the omnibus spending bill [pdf]. Are we looking at pro-export policy or just ...READ MORE

  4. Top 10 Environmental Stories of 2013

    The winter solstice is behind us, and the holiday season is upon us. Before we sign off for 2013, here’s TheGreenGrok’s take on the top ...READ MORE

  5. The Latest on Earthquakes: Enhanced Oil Recovery Shaking Things Up in U.S.

    Evidence linking carbon dioxide (CO2) injection to earthquakes may be bad news for carbon capture and storage.

    The extraction of both natural gas and crude oil has risen ...READ MORE

  6. Electric Power Conundrum at the Crossroads of Energy, Climate and Water

    Crossposted with National Geographic’s Great Energy Challenge blog

    Which is more important: Meeting energy demand, lowering carbon emissions, or conserving water? How about all three?

    The Three Big ...READ MORE

  7. Fracking Water: It’s Just So Hard to Clean

    Crossposted with National Geographic’s Great Energy Challenge blog

    Another crack in the “fracking is safe” story for the industry to address.

    You know that fracking thing? For ...READ MORE

  8. China’s Coal Policy: A Bait and Switch

    Government says no to coal-fired power plants but yes to syngas-from-coal-fired power plants.

    A Bold Policy on Coal-Fired-Plants 

    Just two weeks ago, China announced a ban on ...READ MORE

  9. Natural Gas Study: Allays Fears for Some, Inspires Hot Air From Others

    Long-awaited research results suggest methane leakage small.

    The rise of two particular techniqueshorizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing or fracking — to extract natural gas from layers of ...READ MORE

  10. Fracking Waste Wells Linked to Ohio Earthquakes

    Post updated 9/5/2013.

    Was lack of government regulation at fault?

    It’s a common complaint these days: government regulations have gotten out of hand (see here and here), they’re ...READ MORE

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