‘Vacation Pictures’: The All-Electric ‘HuntVe’

by Bill Chameides | August 10th, 2009
posted by Erica Rowell (Editor)

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On my way out the door last week, a friend sent me a few snaps of his new farm vehicle. If you’re thinking he got a large horsepower gas-guzzler to do the heavy lifting, you’d be mistaken.

I’m on vacation this week, so here are a couple of images to chew on while I’m away. Call them vacation pictures, if you wish. They’re of a clean, green farming machine — a totally electric utility terrain vehicle (UTV). Check out the solar roof add-on that gives the battery a good boost.

This quiet, non-polluting “farmhand” is 4-wheel-drive vehicle with an electric winch on the front and a back seat that folds down into a truck bed that’s capable of hauling up to 500 pounds. Oh, and that specially ordered solar-panel roof? It extends the 4×4’s range by about 35 percent.

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Just goes to show how green your next farm truck can be once you start thinking outside the gas tank.

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