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States of Denial: We Don’t Need No Fracking Info

Should the ingredients in fracking fluid be proprietary information? Or essential disclosure to ensure safe drinking water supplies? (iStockphoto)
by Bill Chameides
May 20, 2014

Oil and gas interests trump truth for many state legislators. The first of a two-part series.

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The Chemicals That Promise Summer Without Mosquitoes

by Bill Chameides
Apr 24, 2014

What else are you getting with services that offer mosquito-free yards?

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E-Cigs and Second-Hand Vaping

Vaping with e-cigarettes
by Bill Chameides
Mar 11, 2014

Is it safe to bogart that e-cig or even be in the same room with an e-cig bogarter?

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Statistically Speaking: A Wasteland of Food

Food Waste
by Bill Chameides
Feb 28, 2014

The amount of food we waste is enough to make you sick … many times over.

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Waxing Environmental on Rep. Henry Waxman

Rep. Henry Waxman
by Bill Chameides
Feb 6, 2014

After 39 years representing the great state of California in the U.S House of Representatives, Democratic Representative Henry Waxman is calling it quits.

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In the House, a Little Quid Pro Coal?

Kentucky coal
by Bill Chameides
Jan 27, 2014

Coal is down but not out thanks in part to a pro-coal rider passed in the omnibus spending bill. Are we looking at pro-export policy or just a little mutual back-scratching?

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A Look at Environmental Justice in U.S.A. Today

by Bill Chameides
Jan 20, 2014

On this Martin Luther King Day, TheGreenGrok asks, are the underrepresented over-represented when it comes to environmental risk?

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Top 10 Environmental Stories of 2013

by Bill Chameides
Dec 23, 2013

There was a lot to write about environmentally speaking this year.

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BHA and BHT: A Case for Fresh?

cereal aisle
by Bill Chameides
Dec 19, 2013

Preserved food sure is convenient, but is there a health cost?

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Goats, Gills and Guts: Animals in the News

alpine ibex
by Bill Chameides
Dec 6, 2013

Our furry and scaly fellow subjects of the animal kingdom never cease to amaze. Consider these three fascinating stories ripped from this week’s headlines.

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