Electronic Waste Series

Where Does Our E-Waste Go?
August 20, 2008
So you <3 (i.e., love) your new iPhone, but where’s the old clunker (i.e., last month’s coolest model) it replaced? And your first iPod, old PC, big tube TV that your sleek flat panel ousted? Even if you recycle, your old electronics might end up in a foreign dumping ground where they pose major health hazards to the low-paid workers who disassemble them. This is such a problem in China that it was a hot topic of discussion during my recent visit there.

Is Our E-Waste Harming Children?
August 22, 2008
China has been sending us lead-contaminated toys, but lead contamination from U.S. products may be exacting a far heavier toll on children in China.

We All Own Pollution, but Who Will Own Solutions?
September 10, 2008
Log in to and you’re greeted with “Ahoy!” or “Mingalaba!” — “welcome” in a variety of languages. The Internet is just one sign of how the global village is shrinking. To combat large-scale environmental challenges like climate change, we need to tap all corners of our ever-smaller globe for lasting solutions.

Update on E-Waste
November 3, 2008
If you caught <em>60 Minutes</em> on Sunday, you got quite an eyeful. Scott Pelley’s 12-minute expos&eacute; opened a window onto the continuing problem of electronic waste. Following a tanker filled with computer monitors and other abandoned electronics, from a U.S. to a Hong Kong port, the news magazine shined a light on an illegal but apparently common practice. Though exporting e-waste is against the law, it is obviously still happening. But a bit of good news on the e-waste front crossed the wires this week as well.

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