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Taking a Stroll With E.O. Wilson

A Window on Eternity
by Bill Chameides
Apr 23, 2014

Illuminating the eternal through nature, and the humanity of an icon of science. A review of Wilson's latest book.

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E.O. Wilson: Preserving Biodiversity Is an Ethical Imperative

“Biodiversity is the totality of all inherited variation in the life forms of Earth, of which we are one species. We study and save it to our great benefit. We ignore and degrade it to our great peril.” —E.O. Wilson (Duke Photography)
by Bill Chameides
Feb 17, 2014

The famed scientist is at Duke this spring, kicking off a scientific partnership between the Nicholas School and the biodiversity foundation that bears his name. His advice to young folks: “Be an ‘ologist.’”

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The Case for Invasive Species

by Bill Chameides
Oct 10, 2013

Can we win the war against invasive species? Should we even fight it?

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Linking Livelihoods to Lion Conservation

by Rebecca Patton
Jun 25, 2013

A look at Mozambique's Niassa National Reserve, one of the wildest, most undeveloped places remaining in Africa and one of the continent's few remaining lion strongholds with the potential to support lions for the long term.

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