Comment Guidelines for The Green Grok

We love hearing from you and simply can’t get enough comments, but we ask for some professional courtesy when you weigh in. Three rules of thumb to follow:

  1. Be short and sweet. The shorter the better. We strive for concision; so should you.
  2. Tone is important. We aim to generate a serious conversation, but levity is always welcome as long as it is respectful.
  3. Do not promote a business or product in your comment.

We reserve the right to edit out objectionable or inappropriate language in comments. We may also  reject comments that:

  • exceed 275 words,
  • are discourteous, abusive, or overly argumentative,
  • employ foul language,
  • include ad hominem attacks, or
  • are off topic or simply repeat arguments and points already posted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I posted a comment, but it’s not showing up on the site.
A: Be patient. We do our best to post your comment without delay. Dr. Chameides and the rest of his Grok team try to respond promptly too. Please understand, though, that since we are a tiny team and moderate every comment, sometimes it can take more than a day or so to post your comment, especially if you are commenting after hours, over a weekend, or during a holiday.

Q: I submitted a comment, then received an email message explaining it was rejected. Why?
A: We reject comments that do not adhere to our guidelines (see above). We also reserve the right to reject comments that repeat points the poster has made elsewhere on TheGreenGrok.

Q: Why are some live comments longer than 275 words?
A: We instituted and started enforcing comment limits toward the end of 2008. Because our system does not allow automatic rejection off comments at a certain character number, we must manually check lengths. The 275-word limit is thus a guide and comments within a reasonable distance of that could be accepted.

Q: Why are you asking for my e-mail address? Will it be publicly available?
A: We use your e-mail address primarily as a way to verify that the comment is coming from an actual, legitimate human being. It is not for public consumption, and will never be displayed.

Q: Can I format my comment with HTML?
A: No. The system will not take tags. For links, simply put the URL.

Q: Can I include links in my comments?
A: You can include links that are relevant to the post on which you are commenting as long as they do not serve to advertise or promote a company, product, or Web site. Comments should also not include an email address.

Updated September 2010.

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