Coal Ash Series

Written by Bill Chameides

Did Anyone Say ‘CLEAN’ Coal?
Jan 5, 2009

Probably the season’s biggest story was the huge spill of coal ash from the coal-fired Kingston Fossil power plant in Tennessee.
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Tennessee Coal Ash Contaminated With Radioactivity, Arsenic
Jan 29, 2009

Remember that huge spill of coal ash at the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Kingston coal-fired power plant on December 22nd? New measurements by Duke University scientists confirm not only the presence of toxic metals like arsenic but also dangerous levels of radioactivity. 
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Statistically Speaking – Coal Waste: What’s It Good For?
Jan 30, 2009

As we’ve seen from recent catastrophic spills at coal plants in Harriman, Tennessee, and Widows Creek, Alabama, it’s past time to take a closer look at how we dispose of coal waste. 
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Clean Coal’s Dirty Secret – When ‘Clean’ Isn’t Clean
Feb 04, 2009

Coal is the dirtiest fossil fuel. Burning it produces a myriad of noxious air pollutants. That’s a problem. Clean coal technology supposedly scrubs those pollutants before they get into the atmosphere. Problem gone, right? Not quite. Guess where those pollutants end up. 
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Did a Coal Ash Trade Group Try to Pull a Fast One?
Feb 13, 2009

Nigerian poet Ben Okri wrote, “The magician and the politician have much in common: they both have to draw our attention away from what they are really doing.” I wonder if the American Coal Ash Association had similar tricks up its sleeve with a recent graph it produced.
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Grok Image: Lake or Waste Pond? You Decide.
March 3, 2009

Here on the Grok we’ve touched on the vast quantities of waste stored at coal-fired power plants in landfills and ponds otherwise known as impoundments, but did you realize some of these ponds are visible from space?
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Finally Standards for Coal Ash … Just in Time?
March 11, 2009

In early March while the Environmental Protection Agency sought information from electric companies about their coal waste disposal practices, a new crisis was bubbling up around Maryland. It’s about time EPA acts on coal waste. But is it enough? 
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Update: Where Is the Coal Ash Waste Going?
July 6, 2009

They’ve finally figured out what to do with all that coal ash from the spill last December in Tennessee. Send it to a poor, primarily African-American community in Alabama. 
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Coal Ash Waste: Where We Are Now and Where We Still Have to Go
July 13, 2009

The Kingston coal ash spill was the spark that lit a fire under the Environmental Protection Agency to make coal ashsafe. The short update: no flames, but the fire is smoldering.
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EPA’s Latest Coal Waste Installment: More Ponds. Less Worry?
September 11, 2009

It seems the more the Environmental Protection Agency digs, the more coal ash waste ponds are found, but a coal group exec assures us that all is quiet. Ah, well, no worries then. 
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Coal Ash Verdict on ‘Hazardous’ Designation Due Soon
December 16, 2009

Update: 12/18/2009 – The Environmental Protection Agency announced it will delay its decision on coal ash. 
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Did EPA Use Oil Spill to Keep Coal Ash Ruling Under the Radar?
May 6, 2010

The Environmental Protection Agency has announced that it still can’t decide if coal ash is hazardous. 
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Coal Ash: EPA Can’t Decide If It’s Hazardous
December 1, 2010

While the government dithers, a new study documents potentially long-term contamination from coal ash. 
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