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A Tale of Two Air Quality Programs: China vs. the U.S.

Air Pollution
by Bill Chameides
Apr 2, 2014

Air quality benefits can come in baby steps or huge leaps.

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Coal Ash Ponds: How Power Companies Get a ‘Bypass’ on Regulations Against Pollution

Duke Energy coal ash pond
by Bill Chameides
Mar 24, 2014

Accidental pollution? Sure, s**t happens. But what about intentional pollution?

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Obama Administration Grade on Coal Ash: Failing

Dan River
by Bill Chameides
Feb 19, 2014

Yes, failing … just like the coal ash ponds along the Dan River.

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Obama’s Climate Legacy May Come Down to Coal and ‘No’

President Obama delivers his State of the Union, 2014
by Bill Chameides
Feb 5, 2014

The Obama administration gave environmentalists little to cheer about last week, but the game is hardly over.

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In the House, a Little Quid Pro Coal?

Kentucky coal
by Bill Chameides
Jan 27, 2014

Coal is down but not out thanks in part to a pro-coal rider passed in the omnibus spending bill. Are we looking at pro-export policy or just a little mutual back-scratching?

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A Look at Environmental Justice in U.S.A. Today

by Bill Chameides
Jan 20, 2014

On this Martin Luther King Day, TheGreenGrok asks, are the underrepresented over-represented when it comes to environmental risk?

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Top 10 Environmental Stories of 2013

by Bill Chameides
Dec 23, 2013

There was a lot to write about environmentally speaking this year.

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The Latest on Earthquakes: Enhanced Oil Recovery Shaking Things Up in U.S.

by Bill Chameides
Nov 14, 2013

Evidence linking carbon dioxide (CO2) injection to earthquakes may be bad news for carbon capture and storage.

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Electric Power Conundrum at the Crossroads of Energy, Climate and Water

power plant
by Bill Chameides
Nov 7, 2013

Which is more important: Meeting energy demand, lowering carbon emissions, or conserving water? How about all three?

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China’s Coal Policy: A Bait and Switch

by Bill Chameides
Sep 26, 2013

Government says no to coal-fired power plants but yes to syngas-from-coal-fired power plants.

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