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  1. Obama’s New Carbon Rules: What Price Regulation?

    Can good economic times roll while carbon emissions decline? Maybe so.

    CO2 vs the Economy, 2010-2012

    It’s just a three-year span, but from 2010 to 2012, U.S. CO2 emissions declined while ...READ MORE

  2. EPA’s Carbon Rule: State Goals

    How much does each state need to reduce its carbon load to comply with the federal government’s landmark carbon rule?

    Since yesterday’s unveiling of the Environmental ...READ MORE

  3. Obama’s New Carbon Emissions Rule: Drumroll Please…

    An historic event or an historic trend?

    No real surprises here. Through a series of leaks and pre-announcements, we all knew before this morning that President ...READ MORE

  4. States of Denial: We Don’t Need No Climate Education

    Oil and gas interests trump truth for many state legislators. The second in a two-part series.

    Our story of the cozy partnership between political leaders and the ...READ MORE

  5. Scientists Find Melting of Antarctic Ice Sheet Accelerating

    Two new papers point to eventual complete loss of glaciers, but it will take centuries or more to occur.

    Many news outlets have covered the two ...READ MORE

  6. Energy Inefficiency: Congress Spins Wheels Until Bill Dies

    As we (and many others) predicted last week, the latest effort at crafting cogent energy policy was much ado about nothing.

    The bill [pdf], which was introduced ...READ MORE

  7. Climate Change Chatter: Science and Politics

     A continuing series on what folks in the public sphere have said about climate change in recent days.

    When climate chatter occurs amid presidential chatter.

    The science community ...READ MORE

  8. 3 Green Suggestions for Your Mom on Her Day

    At a loss for original ideas for Mother’s Day? TheGreenGrok, with just a little tongue in cheek, is here to help.

    Attention Kids of Soccer Moms

    Oh ...READ MORE

  9. Global Warming Alert: Methane Levels Continue to Climb

    Updated 5/8/2014.

    Troubles from wetlands’ bubbles?

    It was way back in 2008 — one of the very first posts of TheGreenGrok — when we reported that atmospheric concentrations of ...READ MORE

  10. Arctic Sea Ice Update: The Melt Is on, How Low Will It Go?

    Arctic sea ice began its annual meltdown March 21.

    Each September in recent years, Arctic sea ice becomes news. Why September? It’s the month when the summertime ...READ MORE

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