Senators on the Climate Bill Fence


The Ruins of 2010’s Climate Legislation

On the campaign trail, Barack Obama spoke passionately of “our addiction to foreign oil” and made the connection to melting ice caps. In the White House, he has been more reticent on the issue.
by Bill Chameides
Oct 5, 2010

Was the senator most critical to getting climate legislation passed during this session a former senator?

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A Look at Where Feingold, Franken, Casey, and Johnson Stand

by Bill Chameides
Sep 17, 2009

As the health care debate rages on, senators are quietly moving downstream and upstream on climate.

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On the Climate Bill Fence: Senator Dick Lugar

Sen. Lugar is a big fan of biofuels. The question is, does his support of such alternative energy translate to a "yea" on a climate bill vote?
by Bill Chameides
Sep 10, 2009

Senator Dick Lugar (R-IN) drives a Prius, sequesters carbon on his tree farm, and voted for previous climate bills. Why is he now on the fence?

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On the Climate Bill Fence: Senators in the Peace Garden State

The U.S. senators from North Dakota (Byron Dorgan, left, and Kent Conrad) say they want to address climate change, but the big question for them is how.
by Bill Chameides
Sep 3, 2009

Quick. Which two states hold the largest single oil resource in the lower 48? If you’re thinking anywhere near Texas, you’re wrong.

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On the Climate Bill Fence: How Sen. Graham Got There

From his public statements, Sen. Graham seems amenable to a cap-and-trade bill, but it would have to include several provisions not in the House bill.
by Bill Chameides
Aug 27, 2009

Lindsey Graham is not the kind of senator you would expect to find on the climate fence. He is a Republican who has voted with his party 92 percent of the time during this Congressional session. Yet there he is.

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On the Climate Bill Fence: What Michigan’s U.S. Senators Are Thinking

Michigan's dynamic duo insist on a level climate playing field both nationally and internationally.
by Bill Chameides
Aug 20, 2009

The League of Conservation Voters notes that both Senators Stabenow and Levin have a similarly favorable environmental voting record. And both have spoken in favor of climate legislation. So what are they doing on the fence?

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On the Climate Bill Fence: What Sen. Brown Is Thinking

Sen. Brown has said he wants "to support this [climate] bill." But he is concerned about protecting Ohio's manufacturing base.
by Bill Chameides
Aug 6, 2009

The fence for senators who are undecided about climate legislation is lined with conservatives and moderates, but Ohio's Sherrod Brown is decidedly liberal. What’s that about?

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On the Climate Bill Fence: Why Sen. Bayh Jumped On

by Bill Chameides
Jul 30, 2009

There’s been a flurry of movement around the Senate’s climate bill fence, including a probable “yea” that jumped to the undecided camp. That new fence-sitter, a Dem from Indiana, is our focus for today.

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On the Climate Bill Fence: What Sen. McCain Is Thinking

In 2003 Sens. McCain (left) and Lieberman (not pictured) cosponsored the Climate Stewardship Act. It has been the only Senate climate bill to date to get a roll call vote. They introduced similar legislation in 2005 and 2007. Where does McCain stand now?
by Bill Chameides
Jul 23, 2009

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) had been like the Lone Ranger in the Senate working with his Tonto, Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) to push for climate legislation. Suddenly, post the 2008 presidential campaign, he is on the fence.

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On the Climate Bill Fence: What Sen. Alexander Is Thinking

Shown here with Sen. Carper (D-DE), left, at a Congressional clean air roundtable, Sen. Alexander acknowledges the problem of air pollution. As for global warming and a cap-and-trade bill that would address it? Take a look at the post.
by Bill Chameides
Jul 16, 2009

For the second installment of our series on what senators on the fence are thinking about cap and trade, we turn to the senior senator from Tennessee: Lamar Alexander (R).

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