Cap and Trade: An In-Depth Look


Part I. It’s About the Cap, Stupid
June 08, 2009
Where the climate is concerned, don’t be fooled: it’s ultimately about the “cap” not the “and trade” part.
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Part II. Walking the International Tightrope
June 09, 2009
Suppose the United States adopts a cap on greenhouse gas emissions and China does not? What then?
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Part III. You Ask, “What?” I Say, “How Wide?”
June 10, 2009
Which greenhouse gas emissions do you find when you look under a cap and trader?
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Part IV. Forests, Farms, and Offsets
June 17, 2009
What do you do if something emits greenhouse gases but is not under the cap? Use offsets.
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Part V. What’s With the Add-Ons?
June 22, 2009
One criticism leveled at Waxman-Markey is what the Washington Post calls “Buried Code” or what I call “add-ons” — stuff like fuel-economy standards for cars, renewable electricity standards, and building codes. Are these necessary?
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Part VI: Emission Allowances
July 8, 2009
Arguably the most contentious aspect of cap and trade is what to do with the emission allowances or permits. Do you auction them or do you give them away?
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