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Revolutionary Road: The Path to a Bright, Green Tech Future

by Benjamin Abram
Jul 7, 2010

In green technology, what a difference a year and a half makes.

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Business Leaders Weigh In on Environmental Regulations

by Bill Chameides
Jun 25, 2010

Everyone knows environmental regulations are bad for business. Maybe not.

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Green Technologies Get the Royal Treatment in Abu Dhabi

This week I'm witnessing Abu Dhabi's nascent green transformation at the third energy summit hosted by Masdar. But where is the U.S.?
by Bill Chameides
Jan 21, 2010

Green technologies are the focus in Abu Dhabi this week at the World Future Energy Summit.

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Building Hope One House at a Time

Nice house, right? It’s from the Builders of Hope, a North Carolina-based nonprofit. They didn’t exactly build it, but they did put it there.
by Bill Chameides
Nov 20, 2009

Nancy Murray has taken recycling to a whole new level — she recycles houses.

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Speaking of the Environment

by Bill Chameides
Oct 1, 2009

Some tidbits about climate-change politics and a surprising even shocking relationship between deaths and economic growth.

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Lomborg’s Cool Take on Global Warming

by Bill Chameides
Aug 28, 2009

Bjorn Lomborg is at it again on the pages of the Wall Street Journal. No action on climate change, he argues, because it’s too hard *and* too easy. Cool argument.

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On the Climate Bill Fence: What Senator Specter Is Thinking

Sen. Specter (D-PA) is sitting on the climate bill fence. His issue is, predictably, coal.
by Bill Chameides
Jul 10, 2009

In June the House did its thing, passing a bill that would limit carbon dioxide emissions to start addressing global warming. Now it’s the Senate’s turn. Who’s thinking what? Our new series takes a peek, starting with Sen. Specter.

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Cap and Trade Part 1: It’s About the Cap, Stupid

by Bill Chameides
Jun 8, 2009

Where the climate is concerned, don’t be fooled: it’s ultimately about the “cap” not the “and trade” part.

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China’s Carbon Intensity: A Roller Coaster Ride

by Bill Chameides
Jun 2, 2009

China is now the world’s largest emitter of carbon dioxide (CO2), but are its emissions getting cleaner or dirtier?

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GM Declares Bankruptcy

Used to be that tail fins were all the rage with American cars. Once again things are in flux on America's car scene. What's next? (Wiki Commons)
by Bill Chameides
Jun 1, 2009

The end of an era, to be sure. But how did this happen? The result of meddling by “pointy-headed busybodies” or the inevitable march of time?

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