2011: TheGreenGrok’s Crystal Ball…

by Bill Chameides | December 22nd, 2010
posted by Wendy Graber (Researcher)

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Brings you five, sure-bet environmental predictions for the year.

It’s that time of the year – with the passing of the winter solstice yesterday, the time has come for TheGreenGrok to signoff for the holiday season.  But before doing that, we couldn’t resist test driving one of Santa’s presents that we just, ah, happened to unwrap early.  It’s a shiny and new crystal ball.  After staring into it for the past few days with tongue firmly implanted in my cheek, here are my:

Top Five Environmentally informed Predictions for 2011

Surprise Polling Result: Gallup pollsters pen the most alliterative headline in years: “As Consequences Concatenate, Americans Clamor for Comprehensive Climate Change Action from Congress.”

New Life for Climate Agreement: Congress passes a bill establishing a cap-and-trade agreement while the international community reaches an overall climate dealin Second Life.

Mysterious Meltdown: Climate change refudiaters meltdown. Why? Scientists say it was global warming. Refudiaters using a radical reinterpretation of thermodynamics maintain that the meltdown was caused by global cooling.

The Marketing of Climate Change: Bjorn Lomborg appears in an Apple ad saying: “Geo-engineering? There’s an app for that.”

Strange Bedfellows Unite For The Environment: BP and EPA merge into a new public-private entity under the dubious acronym BPA … and then bans itself for being an endocrine disruptor.


Have a great holiday and new year. We’ll see you shortly after the real deal drops in Times Square.


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  1. Travis
    Dec 24, 2010

    Concatenate!!! Wow!! Did Sarah Palin make that one up too? (tee hee)

  2. MattN
    Dec 23, 2010

    How ’bout them polar bears Doc? Obama deciding NOT to put them on the endangered list must torque you off to no end, huh? It was the right call, BTW…

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