TheGreenGrok Signs off for Now

by Bill Chameides
Jun 16, 2014

After six years of Greengroking along, TheGreenGrok team will be taking an extended leave of absence.

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Obama’s New Carbon Rules: What Price Regulation?

Coal-fired power plant
by Bill Chameides
Jun 9, 2014

Can good economic times roll while carbon emissions decline? Maybe so.

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EPA’s Carbon Rule: State Goals

State-specific info
by Bill Chameides
Jun 3, 2014

How much does each state need to reduce its carbon load to comply with the federal government’s landmark carbon rule?

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Obama’s New Carbon Emissions Rule: Drumroll Please…

Today's bold, game-changing announcement to cut carbon emissions from existing power plants marks the latest step in a march toward climate-change action. One hopes. (iStockphoto/nelik)
by Bill Chameides
Jun 2, 2014

An historic event or an historic trend?

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The Art of Games: Dialing Into the Outdoors Through Mobile Game Apps

Habitat, a game app
by Bill Chameides
May 27, 2014

It’s not all fun and games when it comes to games featuring the environment. With some green game apps, not only can you live in your world and play in it, you can learn stuff too.

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Friday Factoid: Oil Estimate Slip-Sliding Away

U.S. Shale Plays Map
by Bill Chameides
May 23, 2014

The Monterey Shale oil prospect takes a big hit, but daily extraction rates jump.

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States of Denial: We Don’t Need No Climate Education

Given the flagging rank of American students in science and math, updated science standards would seem to be a good idea. But some are trying to block this progress. (iStockphoto/clearstockconcepts)
by Bill Chameides
May 21, 2014

Our story of the cozy partnership between political leaders and the fossil fuel industry moves to Wyoming where the state has moved to block efforts to modernize the science curriculum taught in our nation’s schools.

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States of Denial: We Don’t Need No Fracking Info

Should the ingredients in fracking fluid be proprietary information? Or essential disclosure to ensure safe drinking water supplies? (iStockphoto)
by Bill Chameides
May 20, 2014

Oil and gas interests trump truth for many state legislators. The first of a two-part series.

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Scientists Find Melting of Antarctic Ice Sheet Accelerating

Thwaites glacier
by Bill Chameides
May 14, 2014

Two new papers point to eventual complete loss of glaciers, but it will take centuries or more to occur.

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Energy Inefficiency: Congress Spins Wheels Until Bill Dies

The Shaheen-Portman energy efficiency bill that had had wide support from both sides of the aisle failed  to get the 60 votes needed  to bring it to a final vote. (Flickr/Ron Cogswell)
by Bill Chameides
May 13, 2014

As we (and many others) predicted last week, the latest effort at crafting cogent energy policy was much ado about nothing.

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