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Putting the Blue Back in Red, White, and Blue

Why am I in DC? The blog is entitled “building a blue carbon science toolkit in Ecuador”. Every adve […]

Memorial Day Weekend at Magnolia Plantation and Garden

magnolia garden, bridge, south carolina

Erika explores Charleston's Magnolia Plantation and Gardens.

Advice From a Newly-Minted “Second Year”

Having just wrapped-up my first year in the DEL program, I decided to reflect on my lessons learned thus far and offer some advice to future DEL students: Press submit, Reach out, Work smart, & Enjoy now!

Killing Birds: Glass

IMG_1914-604x270 of yet, there are no 'bird-friendly' colleges and universities in the US. Duke is uniquely poised to be the first.

An Integrated Labyrinth and Columbarium Design

  R.E. Lee Memorial Church in Lexington, Virginia has a quite well done Labyrinth directly behi […]

Redefining salt marsh research: Are coastal wetlands end members or part of a continuum?

How should we think about coastal wetlands? Are coastal wetlands endmembers or discrete ecosystems? Or are they components of a larger system?

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