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Church Food Hubs: A Response to Food Deserts?


The way the USDA defines food deserts — in terms of distance to a supermarket and income level […]

Puppies in Perkins Library

dogs, dog therapy, library, duke

I knew I was going to go the moment I saw the sign, "Puppies in Perkins Library." December 10th, right in the middle of finals week. While I was not required to take final exams this semester, I had a plethora of projects with looming due dates. An opportunity to take a breather and pet some furry friends seemed like the best idea in the world.

The Fate of Forests on Duke’s Campus

Map view of the remaining forests on Duke's main campuses

"...over the years and decades forests on campus have been gradually chipped away for construction..."

A CEM Semester at the Duke Marine Lab: What was it like?

We no longer have perfect beach weather here in Beaufort, which is probably for the best, given we’r […]

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine

How do we get people to care about climate change? Maybe we need to throw away the graphs and start telling stories.

Where do you find inspiration?

eno issue 2 cover

In which I write a shameless plug for the best environmental literary magazine around.

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