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Aquaculture – Is it Really the Answer?

Joshua Berg   Aquaculture – Is it Really the Answer?   According to NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association), aquaculture […]

Trading Crops for a Fish?

While much of the country has spent the last six months dealing with unusually harsh weather and rarely seen precipitation, […]

Running with Green Cups and Green Ambitions

photo 2

You run over a carpet of flattened green paper cups deposited on the pavement by thousands of runners ahead of […]

The Herps of Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve


What do you get when you combine a friend’s visit, the last weekend before the end of classes, and a […]

Here and There and Everywhere

In which I go on adventures!

The Ethical Theory of the Value of Nature: A Reading List

A goal I have for my DEL MEM program is to become more aware (ahem) of important works in American nature writing. In particular, I'm interested in works that examine, in some way, the ethical theory of the value of nature. In collaboration with several DEL MEM colleagues, we’ve compiled a list below of works we’ve read, would like to read, or have a notion about.

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