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Temporal Scale & Death

Fall semester is coming to a close, and with registration set – solidly?- Spring semester is in near sight. For the overburdened or procrastinators, this is an opportunity to play catch up on that which has been piled aside. However, perhaps the ultimate procrastination isn’t cramming for exams, but our tendency to reflect at an ending rather than throughout the thing. It’s from the point of an ending that we look back and see “time through the ages,” unfolding to this point which is about to close or we are about to fall off from. This is the movie scene […]

Highlights from South Africa: Here be Aliens


Fishes introduced to the Biedouw River in the South African cape have become a severe conservation challenge. There is no easy solution for protecting the endangered endemic fishes.

A new Speaker–the same Paul Ryan?

Paul Ryan's ascension to the Speaker of the House brought new tidings of hope and change. But some things, like Ryan's dismal environmental record, look to remain the same.

A Safe Haven for Big Cats

Me at CRT by Nathan Walker

Carolina Tiger Rescue is a sanctuary in Pittsboro that currently houses almost 50 animals: tigers, lions, caracals, servals, cougars, ocelots, and kinkajous. A few weeks ago I got to tour the sanctuary with the Duke Conservation Society, a student group at the Nicholas School.

Materials and Methods


While working on methods, you may not be getting data and results, but you are building the tools to answer your research questions in the future.

Highlights from South Africa: The Coastal Cape

Nothing beats having flamingos right at your doorstep every morning.

Part two of studying abroad in South Africa and reflections on photography ethics.

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