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My Internship in D.C.

My day starts at 9:30 am when I step out of elevator to floor 11 (my badge only allows me […]

A Boat Ride, Aldo Leopold, and My New Relationship with Ecology


We were flying. The water and waves beneath us were nothing but elements to speed us faster, and the shoreline […]

Lions and tigers and bears (and monkeys)! Oh my!

As I’ve traveled the world, one thing has been glaringly obvious to me: deforestation is threatening our biodiversity.  In the […]

Stanback & the Crocodile Island

This is only goodbye for now 4000 Westchase!

I’ve had Cuba on the brain for the past 11 weeks. Cuban cigars, Cuban Rum and Cuban baseball.  Well, not […]

For me, it’s the tropics

It was edging near 2pm and the sun was bright and strong overhead.  We were all tired and hungry from […]

Group MPs Across the Globe: Blue Carbon in Belize

A sign found in San Pedro on Ambergris Caye (Photo by Emma Kelley)

When I think of climate change, I often think green. From "going green" to greenhouse gases and beyond, the color green is thrown around a lot in the environmental world. But what about thinking blue instead?

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