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King’s Canyon: Sunrise

Sunrise over the Pantamints.

Sunrise photos from King's Canyon National Park.

Adventure Science

Adventure Science. This became our motto as my first 14 day stream sampling hitch progressed. After […]

5 Books that Inspired My Love of Nature

books 1

Looking for an easy summer reading list? Here are five books that inspired my love of nature as a kid.

City Lights and All-Night Robins

American Robin fledgling.

Erika is kept awake by an American Robin affected by urban light pollution.

PhD Pudding


In three months I will transform from a Blue Devil to a Cardinal as I begin my PhD at the Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources at Stanford University (E-IPER). It took three rounds of applying to PhD programs over a span of 7 years to finally be accepted.

Gabon I: Here we go!

The Monday after graduating from the Nicholas School, I found myself sitting in the Raleigh-Durham a […]

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