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6 Things I Never Thought I’d Do

The rooftop garden of Environment Hall.  (Admittedly, this photo was taken in the early fall.)

"I’d like to highlight some of the weird or exciting activities and habits that have come along during my first five months at the Nicholas School."

Photos: Bunaken, Indonesia

SE Asia-12

A photo essay from a recent trip to Bunaken, Indonesia.

Birding, Lemurs, and Taxidermy: A Day in the Life

Selfie with my first and hopefully only attempt at taxidermy.

Join me while I take you through A Day in the Life of a Nic Schooler. Every day brings its own exciting experiences, but this day was jam-packed with cool stuff.

To bird is to conserve: prospects for the endangered birds of Hispaniola

the endangered Hispaniolan Crossbill remaining population estimated at 400-2300 mature individuals

Bird everywhere you go, especially if you visit hotspots, which represent the front lines of conservation crises.

Peru: Environmental Degradation in the Andes

Peru is incredibly geographically diverse, but the Andean highlands present the most urgent challenges from climate change.

Talking Climate Adaptation in Peru

Although the 2014 climate negotiations in Lima, Peru at COP20 came and went with a fury, the process […]

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