Renewable Thinking

Divest Duke Movement

This past week I attended the kickoff meeting of a new initiative on campus called “Divest Duke.” This start-up movement, […]

What happens when a start-up gets hot?

In the heart of Silicon Valley, land of entrepreneurship, we visited two companies that are in the exciting hot seat […]

500 terawatts of instantaneous laser energy is shot at a 1-cm gold cylinder!

The first big common theme we’ve heard across several energy organizations here in Silicon Valley is the way people take […]

California, here we come!

20 Nic Schoolers leave Durham behind on a West Coast energy adventure…

Pigs and Renewable Energy?

Next time you eat barbecue in the state of North Carolina, you’ll be supporting renewable energy. Bet you didn’t know. […]

Run for It! (“It” Being the Environment)

It was a rather perilous single-lane trail with slippery wooden boardwalks, windy and narrow paths up and down hills, along the river, strewn with rocks and roots… and I had fun.

Coffee and the Environment 1: The World Loves the Stuff

Did you contemplate agrochemicals or commodities markets as you drank coffee this morning? This post kicks off my series on coffee and its impact on the environment.

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