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Light at the end of the tunnel…
by -- February 4th, 2013

Aloha again everyone!  This is the last time I will be writing for this cruise, and although we have a few days left I can already say that this has been a great experience!

Styrofoam Art!

Today we went over the plan for the next couple days, and everyone is very excited!  Our last 0400 cast is tomorrow, and so we only have that station left before we arrive back at ALOHA (our first station).  When we get to ALOHA we will be sending a cast to 4000 meters, and we will be participating in a little bit of a tradition too.  Since this cast is at such a high depth, there will be an immense amount of pressure (somewhere around 5,345 pounds per square inch if I am calculating that right).  The tradition is to decorate pieces of Styrofoam—of which we have giant heads, cups, and test tube holders—and to attach them to the Rosette Sampler.  The high pressure will shrink the Styrofoam to miniature objects!  So far the most interesting piece of art I have seen is a cross dresser head that Catherine and Alyse made.

Some of us are starting to run low on supplies, and so we—myself included—had to calculate whether or not we have enough left to complete the number of samples left.  Luckily, it looks like I will have just enough of my reactants, pipettes, and test tubes to finish!

Everyone is looking forward to seeing land again. In fact, we are lucky enough to be taking a detour—the scenic route—around the island of Kauai.  This island, also known as “The Garden Island” is so beautiful that many Hollywood movies are filmed here—including scenes from the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film!  It is going to be bittersweet to sail by the island without being able to get off, go hike around the jungle, and relax on the beach.  However, that is exactly what we will be doing once we get back to Oahu!


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