Experimental Tropical Marine Ecology

Lab, lab and more lab
by -- October 17th, 2011

Hermit crabs

It’s not all snorkeling in Bocas…

Despite all the awesome photos I’ve posted of the outdoors, we also spend a LOT of time in the lab.

During our time in Panama we spent about a day and a half straight in the lab watching hermit crabs and land crabs and their interaction with different targets. We also weighed the crabs and their shells, which sometimes required burning live hermit crabs out of their shells (don’t worry, they stayed alive!).

The dark circle is the crab!

We watched the crabs on this contraption about 500 times.

When it finally came time to let the crabs back into their homes, we were pretty relieved. We were starting to see crabs in everything (even if they weren’t there!) and were even dreaming about them.

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