Experimental Tropical Marine Ecology

Fresh fruit, bread, and juice- a morning buffet
by -- October 5th, 2009

This is how breakfast should be.

Let’s talk breakfast. The table at which we eat is long and wooden, seating at least 20, more if you’re friendly. Every morning at 7:30, the dedicated cooking staff at the lab prepares large dishes of bread, plates of cheese and fruit (this morning there were bunches of bananas), and jugs of juice. Everyone piles in and a banquet to end all banquets begins. Because the table is so long, the peanut butter or pineapple jelly inevitably finds its way to the opposite end and must be passed person-to-person back down along the table. The feeling of community is undeniable, and everyone is getting to know each other on a whole different level. Oh! I have to mention the jugs of juice; it is tropical-paradise-infused-fruit-heaven-and-icy-deliciousness liquefied and chilled. At each meal there is a different flavor: first pineapple-mango, then orange, then fruit punch, then guava…YUM!


We’re off on a long boat ride to snorkel, so more news later!

(And it did pour again last night!)

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