Experimental Tropical Marine Ecology

Arrived in Panama!!
by -- October 11th, 2008

All here all safe and sound and not enough time to enjoy the pool.

Finally the long awaited date is here.  We have, despite rain, confusion, unregistered participants, varied travelling routes, and some general disorder, all converged together in the rather grande Riande Hotel in Panama City.

We had a box searched in customs, but came away with all our experimental gear anyway…so far, so good.

Some of our number have poolside balconies leading out to the palm tree strewn center courtyard filled with a massive–and by massive I mean gratuitously massive–pool which we won’t have time to enjoy.

I struggled a bit with Spanish in immigration where the guy didn’t speak English.  Our fearless leader, Humberto, seems to be the only one truly fluent, so we will depend heavily on him and try not to make total fools of ourselves.

Tomorrow, rainforest crane, and off to Bocas!

Now, everyone else is at the bar, and I feel left out, so until tomorrow…..

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