Marine Conservation Biology (Palau)

Day 11: January 17, 2014–Goodbye Belau!

Hello all! Quick culture note: Belau is Palauan for Palau! Today was our last Conservation and Development class and we […]

Day 10 (16 January 2014, AM edition): Identity and Conservation

Today we met Umai Basiliaus, who works in the Policy Planning program of the Palau Conservation Society (PCS).  While Umai’s […]

Day 10 (PM edition) 16 January 2014: A Farewell Feast

Humbled and inspired.  Those are two words that describe how I feel at this very moment—and how I’ve felt for […]

January 14th: Exit Fees

When you leave Palau, you’re charged fifty bucks in cash. Ouch. I’ve been whining about it quite a bit if […]

Cruising Through the Rock Islands

January 15, 2014 Today we once again enjoyed the type of weather most people only dream about in the middle […]

January 15th Sea Cucumber Fishery

Today was my 10th day in Palau, and the 8th day of my conservation & development class. This morning we […]

We live in a Bai, we fish on the sea and sometimes, we get lost

Today started out much like the others. Many of us, still adjusting to the time difference, woke up well before […]

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