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Early Morning Magic

I walked down the beach as the sun rose…soft sand under my feet, slowly dusting my heels with little golden […]

Mexico: Take Two

What do tres leches cake, the pyramids at Teotihuacan and corn from a street vendor all have in common? They’re […]

Reforesting the Land in Costa Rica and Rethinking Grazing

Since the 1950s, nearly 60% of Costa Rica’s forests have been cut at one period in time for the purpose […]

Big Cats Initiative, part 3: Counting cheetahs

  This is part 3 of my blog series on the Big Cats Initiative at Duke. Part 1 of the […]

GEST by the Numbers

A look at some data from the 2nd annual Girls Exploring Science and Technology event, and thoughts on GEST’s growth and impact.

Geoengineering our Climate

Geoengineering climate garners support among those who have abandoned all hope that we will ever cut our emissions of “greenhouse” gases from fossil fuel combustion.

How much nature do you need?

camping, fishing, pisgah, forest, north carolina

In health class, we often learned about food pyramids. Whole grains are on the bottom, because we need 5-7 servings […]

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