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Comfort Zone
by Nicole Carlozo -- October 11th, 2012

Whenever I just start feeling comfortable in a new city, job, or situation, life has a way of redefining my comfort zone.

I was recently recruited to help with Wetlands and Wildlife Field Day on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. I thought to myself, “Hey, I know a little about wetlands and a bit about wildlife. Why not?” I did not think to myself, “Hey, I know a lot about fourth graders.” Because that is definitely not true.

Wetlands and Wildlife Field Day is an annual education event held at Monie Bay’s Deal Island Wildlife Management Area. Volunteers from DNR and the Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve spend two days teaching Somerset County’s fourth graders about…well, wetlands and wildlife. The day was full of discussions and group activities covering topics from adaptation and predation to invasive species and wildlife management. I was impressed by one boy’s attempt to bring up “carrying capacity.”

The site was beautiful and the kids were enthusiastic. I, unfortunately, was completely out of my element. But after observing for a while, I joined in at the “predator and prey” booth and helped out with a predator and prey simulation game (a.k.a. freeze tag with a few twists).


The predator/prey station before the children arrived. Can you pick out the predator species? The herbivores? The omnivores?

Expanding my comfort zone isn’t such a horrible thing. For starters, I was challenged in a new way. And the view wasn’t so bad either.

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