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by Nicole Carlozo -- October 24th, 2010

Sometimes our hectic lives make us forget about the important things. I challenge everyone to take time and remember.

I drove home this weekend to visit with family and take a break from my busy life at Duke. On my way back to Durham, as I passed through the never-ending state of Virginia, I started thinking about my next blog post. By the time I reached my apartment it was planned, and I made a few mental notes to myself as I rushed off to campus to finish some work.

And then I entered the Duke Chapel for 9pm Mass and found a much larger group than expected sitting in the pews. They were there in remembrance of Drew Everson, a Duke senior who passed away this weekend from an accidental fall.

As a graduate student and a new member of the campus community, I didn’t know Drew. But I was overcome with emotion when I saw his friends and entire fraternity sitting together at Mass, supporting one another and praying together, Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

There’s a lot I could say to connect my experience at Mass to the reasons upon reasons that I decided to study environmental issues. I could talk about by the intrinsic connections between spirituality and nature, or about the framework of communities, coming together in times of need. But, I think I’ll leave that discussion for another time and instead send my prayers out to Drew and those he left behind. I hope you know that the entire community is supporting you – even busy graduate students who rarely wander out of the GIS lab.


  1. Ben
    Nov 1, 2010

    Spirituality and environment

    Hi Nicole,

    It is good to remember the important things in life, admist the excitement and committments of grad school.

    If you do have further interest in the intersection between spirituality and environmental ethics, know that there are resources at the Nic School. Seek out Chaplin Ted Purcell (ret.), who works through the campus Pathways program. He teaches the Spirituality and Ecology seminar that’s offered.

  2. Dan K
    Nov 10, 2010

    Nic resources

    I second that notion. Ted Purcell is a very good man and his class, in many respects, the best I’ve taken. I know you would love his class.

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