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Photos: Bunaken, Indonesia
by Tripp Burwell -- January 28th, 2015

In December, I went to Malaysia as part of my school assistantship to do GIS analysis on forest cover there for the professor that I’m working for.

It was a productive week, but I also took advantage of the opportunity of being over there to visit the island and national park of Bunaken in Indonesia. I had heard great things about the Bunaken Sea Garden Resort (which I can also second) and spent a few days there checking out mangroves, snorkeling above an utterly dazzling array of fish and corals, and losing races to sea turtles.

I didn’t bring an underwater camera, but thought I’d share some of the experience in a photo essay.



SE Asia-1

Sunrise through the mangroves from Bunaken, Indonesia. Looking back at Sulawesi Island.


SE Asia-2

Rainfall among the mangroves. Bunaken, Indonesia.

SE Asia-3

A fishing boat in Indonesia. Not much between it and the Philippines.

SE Asia-4

Looking down at the underwater cliff – one reason that Bunaken, Indonesia is such a special place.

SE Asia-5

A view across the coral to a mosque in Bunaken, Indonesia. A church is just out of the frame.

SE Asia-6

Mangroves and their crazy roots in Bunaken, Indonesia.

SE Asia-7

Sunrise and mangrove roots in Bunaken, Indonesia.

SE Asia-8

Sunrise, Bunaken, Indonesia.

SE Asia-9

Sunrise, Bunaken, Indonesia.

SE Asia-10

Sunrise, Bunaken, Indonesia.

SE Asia-12

Sunrise, Bunaken, Indonesia.

SE Asia-13

Sunrise and a mangrove tree, Bunaken, Indonesia.

SE Asia-14

Sunrise, Bunaken, Indonesia.

SE Asia-15

Sunrise, Bunaken, Indonesia.

SE Asia-16

A view across the blue to Manado Tua, neighboring Bunaken, Indonesia.

SE Asia-17

A gecko shares my bed screen in Bunaken, Indonesia.

SE Asia-18

A small island off of Bunaken, Indonesia.

SE Asia-19

The Patronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

SE Asia-20

The Patronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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