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Meeting Everybody
by Liseth Manrique Zeder -- October 29th, 2012

To tell you the truth, something that I was looking forward to, were the trips. I love traveling. I thought the trips were going to be a good way of learning something new, meeting new people, going to new places, take some rest from work, doing some shopping… However, the first place based session surpassed all my expectations.

As the first place based session approached, more and more readings and assignments had to be completed. I thought that I had some extra time to keep my old lifestyle, I couldn’t be more wrong. The first book arrived; it was called ” Listed”. The book was really interesting and fun to read, it had some impacting stories about threatened species listed on the endangered species act. Stories like the one of the snail darter that got extinct on the Little Tennessee River after a dam was built. We also got some e-readings, to get ready for class. Starting this readings gave me a glance of what was I going to get into.The day arrived, and I had a long trip from Lima to Durham (with 2 delayed flights). It felt really nice to arrive at the Washington Duke Inn and be welcomed by a really nice man from Ghana. The next day early in the morning I met the first DEL MEM person, she was looking for the bus stop on the wrong side of the road, like me. On the bus I met more girls of the program, we spend some pretty interesting minutes trying to find the class room, everything looked closer on those maps.

If I tell you everything that happened, it would take me days to write. The schedule was so tight  that we even had to eat during bus rides. At the end of this amazing and challenging week I was exhausted!

This photos will tell you more than words can tell…

1.2 Entering the Wahington Duke Inn

Entering the Wahington Duke Inn.

1.3 Introduction with Dr. Deb Gallagher

Introduction class with Dr. Deb Gallagher. This was the first time that I introduced myself.

2 Getting Duked

Getting "Duked". This was pretty much all the shopping I could do.

3 My room at the Washinton Duke Inn

My room at the Washington Duke Inn.

4 Class with Dr. Lynn Maguire - Decision Making

I'm learning very useful stuff in this class. It is a lot hard work but it's worth it. Something really interesting about this class is that for each assignment you have to use your own information. This makes it more applicable to real life.

5 Class with Dr Rebecca Vidra. Ecosystem Science and Mangement

Class with Dr. Rebecca Vidra: Ecosystem Science and Mangement. I´m not in this class but I´ve been told that it is really interesting.

6 DEL Second year´s  class

Second years' class.

7 Dr Norm Christensen lecturing DEL MEM 14

Dr. Norm Christensen lecturing at the Duke Forest.

8 Duke forest with Norm Christensen

Duke forest. Learning about forest management.

9 the green bus

Our green bus.

10 coastal development class on the road allison besch

Coastal Delevopment class with Allison Gleason Besch; she is an MEM alumni with awesome experience.

11 Duke Marine Laboratory
12 Joe Roman

Yes! I actually got the chance to ask the book's author questions!

13 meeting joe roman author of Listed
14 leadership lecture with don wells

Leadership lecture with Don Wells.

15 first and second year meeting

Meeting the second years. The "go, introduce yourself" kind of meetings are not my favorite. Maybe it’s a cultural thing, but these people were really welcoming. But I still don't like to introduce myself ha ha.

16 duke marine lab

View of the DUML.

17 Dinning room at the Duke Marine Lab

Dinning room at the Duke Marine Lab. This was my quickest dinner!

17.1 Room at the Duke Marine Lab

The "dorm room" experience.

18 Don Wells our leadership coach

Don Wells, our leadership coach, at the Boat House.

19 2012 Emerald Isle Pointe - see the impact

2012 Emerald Isle Pointe - After erosion control.

20 August 2009 Emerald Isle Pointe

August 2009 Emerald Isle Pointe.

21 docked at shacleford banks

Docked at Shackleford Banks.

22 class on the island

Class visiting the Shackleford Banks, learning about how the horses impacted the ecosystem of the isle.

23 Blue button

These blue buttons were all over the beach. They looked poisonous, but some people picked them up and nothing happened.

24 Shackleford Banks
25 schacleford banks

Looking at the impact of the horses on the Island.

26 wild horses

Wild horses.

26.1 mildred saltando

Mildred jumping from the boat!

27 Dr Cat

Dr. Cat.

28 fishery managemtn class at the duke marine lab

Fishery Management class.

29 Hooper family seafood

Hooper Family Seafood. Class learning about the Soft Blue Crab.

30 North Carolina State University Fishery project - artificial wetland for desalinification

Artifitial Wetland for desalinification.

31 North Carolina State University Fishery project - water treatment

Water Treatment Facility

32 North Carolina State University Fishery project 1 (2)

North Carolina State University fishery project 1.

33 North Carolina State University Fishery project 1

This project is about growing salt water fish. It has many challenges. The most important difficulty is the disposal of the salted water without impacting the environment.

34 having fun after class

Having fun at the bar.

35 Playing at the bar

Me trying to take the block out. It looks easier than it is!

I would like to thank some people for sharing pictures: Sonia Brubaker, Mildred Guzman, Niles Barnes, Anthony Garza, Cheryn Robles, some pictures belong to the DEL facebook page, so thank you to the FB page administrator too.



  1. Niles
    Oct 30, 2012

    Awesome blog article Liseth. Brings back so many great memories. We really did pack in a lot!

  2. Eric
    Oct 30, 2012

    What a wonderful trip down memory shore. Really cool blogging, Liseth. Thanks for creating this!

  3. liseth
    Nov 1, 2012

    Thank you guys!!!!!

  4. Giselle
    Nov 9, 2012

    Great blog!! keep sharing your experience at Duke please! I love that you had classes next to the lake!! awesome!!

  5. Erin
    Nov 10, 2012

    Great job, Liseth! Looking forward to reading you future posts.

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