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What will YOU do for Earth Day?
by Jennifer Weiss -- April 19th, 2011

Earth Day Pledges

Earth Day Pledges

Changing the world by harnessing the energy of children

If you’ve ever been around elementary school children, you can feel the force of the energy being emitted out of them.  Literally.  If only we could harness that energy – the world’s energy problems would all be solved.

Last week, I found a way to harness that energy (shh … don’t tell anyone!)

I had the privilege of presenting an Earth Day presentation to 900 K-5 students at my daughters’ elementary school.  We discussed the importance of the Earth, we discussed landfills, waste and recycling, we discussed water usage, we discussed growing trees to help rid the earth of “bad air”.  But, most of all we discussed what we will do to help celebrate the Earth on Earth Day.

Amidst cries of “What will YOU do?”  I heard these little geniuses shout out a range of responses:

“I’m going to recycle.”

“I’m going to pick up trash.”

“I’m going to take shorter showers.”

“I’m going to turn off the TV.” (Moms universally like this one!)

“I’m going to plant a garden.”

“I’m going to conserve water by using bottled water instead of tap water.”  Hmmm … we’ll work on this one a bit.

“I’m going to turn off my DS when I go to school.”  Double Hmmm …

Here’s my favorite part.  At the end of the presentation, I challenged each child to go home and make an Earth Day pledge.  Each child who signed a pledge and brought it back the next day would receive a reusable grocery bag (a HUGE Thank You to Whole Foods for supplying the bags).  And if I was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and energy I witnessed on the day of our presentation, I was blown away by the responses we got back the next day.  Almost 700 students returned their pledges.  700!!  These pledges are all now proudly displayed on a “tree” in the school lobby.

I still have the chants of 900 plus children shouting “What will you do?” as they walked out of the assembly room.  And when I look at the pledge tree, I get a tremendous feeling of optimism about what tomorrow will bring with these future environmentalists taking the lead.

So, yes … the energy of children can be harnessed.  And it can be harnessed to help us save the Earth.

What will YOU do for Earth Day?


  1. Gina Grunstein
    Apr 25, 2011

    Saving the Earth

    I truly beleive these children & my grandchildren will help change all people to have Earth Day every day. I am a Senior citizen (75 yrs.old) whose generation never thought about Earth Day, and that’s why we must pull together to get it better. I, myself, recycle everything in my condo. My husband & I wish you good luck in your endeavors.

    • Jennifer Weiss
      Apr 27, 2011

      I agree!

      Thank you Gina! I totally agree with you – the kids these days have so much energy and enthusiasm and they are the ones that are going to make the right choices for the Earth’s future. After talking with them, I am so optimistic that things will change for the better!

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