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The Power of Positive Thinking
by Jennifer Weiss -- September 23rd, 2010

I realize that positive thinking is a pretty deep subject for my very first “from the trenches” blog, but indulge me for a second.

Do you remember back when you were first learning to ride your bike?  Did you accomplish it on your first try or did it take a few bumps and bruises?   And, once you accomplished this great feat, how did you feel?  Exhilarated?  Liberated?  Invincible?

I have two young daughters who basically run my life.  Occasionally, they let me do other things, like my Statistics or Energy Modeling homework.  Frequently, they impress me with their determination and positive attitude.

A few months ago, my 7 year old, Loren, had tried riding her bike without training wheels and given up in disgust, deciding it was “too hard” and she just “couldn’t do it”.  Last weekend, armed with this wonderfully negative attitude, she tried once more. Miraculously, she took off flying and as she came whizzing by me for the tenth time, she screamed “see, Mommy, I knew I could do it!”

After watching her sister master the art of bike riding, my 5 year old, Hannah, decided that she wanted to take off her training wheels too.  With a determined look on her face, she took off on her bike and … promptly fell down.  After brushing off the tears, she tried it again. No luck.  After a few more tries, my husband and I were ready to call it a day, but then we saw her pick up her bike.  “I want to try it again.”  Sure enough, this time she did it.  It wasn’t pretty, but she did it and the smile on her face said it all.

Over the last three weeks, I have searched for a school/life/family routine that will enable me to be supermom and super student (or at least get my family fed and all my assignments posted to blackboard on time).  Sadly to say, this has not been as easy I had hoped.  But today as I sit down to start my Econ homework, I am reminded of Hannah’s contagious positive spirit.

So, armed with the renewal of my positive attitude, I am attacking the next two years with the optimistic spirit and wonder of a 5 year old.  The people and knowledge found at Nicholas School make me feel exhilarated and invincible.  The smile on my face says it all …


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