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Course Overload
by Jennifer Weiss -- November 2nd, 2010

Spring course registration is upon us and I’m like a kid in a candy store with all the possibilities.

I have two favorite times during the school year  – the first day of classes (or the last day depending on how the classes go) and the first day of registration.  I love the excitement in the air when students discuss the possibilities of what subjects they will be learning, what professors they’ll be taking and what knowledge they’ll be gaining.  It’s like being a kid in a candy store … what scrumptious goodies are we going to be able to walk away with?

Well, like any hungry kid in a candy store, my eyes are bigger than my stomach.  At last count, I have 10 courses in my book bag for a total of 23 credits.   And, I could add more if I counted the courses I want to take at Fuqua, Pratt and UNC.  But, let’s be realistic.  I can barely handle my 13.5 credits this semester.  Something must be done …

To solve this problem, I’ve decided to use the skills I’ve learned from my terrific courses THIS semester.  First, I’m going to create a linear program model to solve for the least cost path to finding riveting and enlightening classes.  Nah, that will take too long.

Okay, I’m going to create a cost-benefit analysis that equates my marginal benefits with my marginal costs.  No, at this point I’m not even sure what my marginal benefits are.  What if I ran a regression using coursework as my response variable?

Oh, heck with it …. I’m going to get up tomorrow at 7am and fight my way through ACES just like everyone else.  With any luck, by the end of the day, I’ll end up with the perfect mix of classes.  I’m not too worried.  Like I said, there are just too many goodies to choose from.

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