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Summer, in the Blink of an Eye
by Jack Beuttell -- July 31st, 2012

Somehow the summer is already behind me, and I didn’t even get to half of the projects I had contemplated.  There’s the 40-year-old Italian 10-speed I’ve been meaning to rehab. There’s a stack of good books from last semester, which I never cracked for class.  And there’s the natural gas dryer I’ve been toting around in my Jeep since Christmas, trying to sucker pawn to anyone that will take it.

Instead of making progress on these and a long list of other projects, I’ve been working full-time on a business idea with a classmate, which has been an incredible experience. I’ve also been doing some part-time consulting in the evenings and weekends for a private equity firm in the farming space.   And as if I had been spendthrifty with my summer, Fuqua recalled August and even charged into July with “Math Camp,” a one-week crash course in the basic math underpinning economics, statistics, accounting and finance.  While the refresher wasn’t mandatory, I signed up because it’s been 12 years since I’ve attempted the derivative of anything.  And it was paaaainful.  As dispiriting as the course was, however, seeing the influence of math in economics and finance was super interesting. This notion of application is what makes the difference between shirking homework and looking forward to it, something I didn’t do in college Calculus.

The rest of my Fuqua classmates join tomorrow, when we dive headlong into the first-year MBA curriculum, and rumor has it normal life won’t resume until the middle of October at the earliest.

So, as far as that beautiful, old bicycle goes, I guess she’ll have to wait until next summer…



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