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My Big Fat Eco Bedding
by Amanda Giddon -- January 22nd, 2014

As I returned to Durham from my semester abroad in the magical city of Barcelona (the reason for my radio silence for the last five months), I was met with four dusty boxes that had remained sealed since summertime, three assignments for the first day of class, two voicemails from Time Warner Cable, and one, bare boned, utterly unfurnished apartment.

Shoving the syllabi aside, I was immediately fixated on one mission, and one mission only: furnishing my big white box of a residence. In doing so, I tried to build my new apartment on a basis of sustainability and reuse.

Doily inspired arts and crafts

Doily inspired arts and crafts

As I stared wide-eyed at what seemed like miles of blank wall space, I thought about how wasteful (and pricey!) it would be to buy wall décor that would likely be thrown out upon graduation in a couple of years. Suddenly, I was hit by a wave of inspiration, and started work on my reuse art projects.

First, came the cork triptych. Do you have a friend with an impressive wine collection, and/or is a bit of a hoarder?  Ask them if you can take some corks off their hands. Add a few gold thumbtacks, wooden squares and glue, and you have some festive reuse kitchen wall-hangings.

Cork wall art

Cork wall art

Another reuse idea: doily art. Paint in the cutouts of a doily to create some stylish prints.

Next order of business was the bedroom.  My naked box spring yearned for my attention. I surfed the web for quilts and shams as I snacked on my favorite Bear Naked organic granola.

As I crunched down on a cluster of oats, I thought, if I care so much about where my food comes from , why shouldn’t I care about the origin of my sheets and pillows? After all – one does spend about a third of his or her life in bed. (It doesn’t feel that way, does it?) I switched my search to include “green bedding.”

After weeding through websites that only offered bedding in shade s of jade, avocado, and lime, I found some promising eco-friendly bedding. Pure Touches bedding company offers bedding with no added chemicals, pesticides or dyes, supporting organic agriculture and sustainability practices.

Pure Touches is joined by other companies including Plover Organic, Inhabit, and Pure Rest who also aim to create an organic oasis in the bedroom.

Photograph courtesy of

Photograph courtesy of

Big name bedding manufacturers are going natural too – Pottery Barn now offers a line of textiles that are 100% organic. They also provide this handy list of how to set up a happy, healthy environmentally responsible home, which I will use as my bible in piecing together the rest of my room.

I definitely sleep a little more soundly knowing that I am promoting sustainable living with my home improvement choices. Join me in making some little green changes, and invest in some big fat eco bedding.


  1. Joey Ashley
    Jan 22, 2014

    Great post, most do not know it but one of the largest organic mattress and bedding stores on the east coast is in Raleigh. The Organic Bedroom actually is on the Duke Perks discount programs.

  2. Grace Trueman
    Feb 1, 2014

    Journalistic voice makin’ the eco-friendly choice. O’Doilies rule!

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