Marine Conservation Biology in Hawaii

Can’t a Spinner Dolphin Get Some Rest?

On April 25, our class chartered a boat on the Kona side of the island of Hawaii. Within just a […]

Toxoplasmosis: Choosing between companion and charismatic species

The world loves cats. They’re a cute and cuddly companion species that we have been breeding for thousands of years.The […]

Utilizing More Than Beach Clean-ups to Combat Hawaii’s Trash Problem

“A lot of rubbish doesn’t end up where we intend it to,” says Katie Dobkin of Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii to our […]

A Decrease in Catch = an Increase in Profit

Is it economically beneficial for fishermen to listen to scientists? “If you’re getting less than $2.50-3.00 you’re losing money,” says […]

Give them a break! Spinner dolphin tours in Hawaii

Access to public resources is something that most Americans would likely agree is an important right. Enjoying and utilizing our […]

Dolphin Dilemmas

I find myself conflicted every time I’m presented with the opportunity to interact with marine mammals. The rational part of […]

Trash-Free Seas? The Four-Rs of Tackling Marine Debris

While the tale of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is known to many, I first saw the impacts of the […]

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