Gulf of California

The Danger of a Single Story – Mexico

When you enter the words “Why is Mexico so…” into the Google search bar, you are met with the suggestions […]

A Final Camping Trip on Tiburon Island

The last five days of the course we camped on Tiburon Island with Ben Wilder’s class of Seri students. Ben […]

Many firsts

This course has opened my eyes to an entirely new world. Not only is this my first time to Mexico, […]

Finding water in the desert and other LDOC activities

Our Last Day(s) of Class/Camping (LDOC) was a joint venture between our class and one led by University of Arizona’s […]

Camping trip at Punta Redonda: Day 2 of 3 – Marine wildlife, mangrove forest, and a lot more

We left early on the second day to visit an estuary system as Xavier mentioned that we will have a […]

Trying to stitch everything together: Understanding the Sonoran coast

Contrary to what your ideas of this class may be, we had no idea what was going to happen during […]

Interview with Doña Eva, a woman fish buyer from Kino, Mexico

Unlike the other students, I’ve been living in a homestay with one of the few woman fish buyers here in the 5000-person town of Kino, Sonora, Mexico. This blog post is an interview with Eva, my homestay mother, an amazing woman who has succeeded through hard work and skillful negotiation.

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