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It’s Been A While
by -- March 22nd, 2012

Motion sensor cameras are annoying.

Motion sensor cameras are annoying.

There’s a lot to tell and this is how I remember it…

Let me cut to the chase: it’s been a while since I’ve been posting. But let me explain: I’ve been hibernating. Yes, hibernating. You know, like bears do: hibernating.

I’m from the desert. Winters are tough for me, even though I went to school in Boston. You should have seen my grades in college: impressive, I think, all things considered.

The story of my sundry and hapless going-ons of the wintertide eddy began months ago. I spent November in a sleeping bag in the parking lot of the Cook-Out on Hillsborough Road, screaming and clawing at the walkup window until they threw me burgers, barbeque sandwiches, and the occasional corndog…all for alarmingly low prices. I devoured them with primal urgency before I conked out in the trunk of a 1989 red Buick Reatta in the Durham Auto Mart next door.

I was rudely awoken three months later in a Food Lion parking lot by some schmuck looking for a place to put his groceries. I excused myself and stumbled slowly up I-95, groaning, still half asleep and so sore I couldn’t straighten my back until I hit the I-40. And go figure…I had forgotten to take out my contacts.

It’s been a productive few weeks since, however. Let’s just say I’ve been doing a lot of bathroom reading. Now, I’m not saying that any of the aforementioned misadventures actually happened. It’s just how I remember it.

I may have kept busy with more reputable and species-appropriate activities. I may have attended a green business conference in Miami in January with an all-star cast of Nic-Schoolers. I may have flown an airplane. I may be working on an infrastructure assessment and improvement plan for the Central Park District of downtown Durham. I may be working on an environmental journalism piece on the life and climate-change-inspired artwork of Mary Edna Fraser. I may have to figure out my master’s project proposal in a week.

I’m not saying any of this didn’t happen. It’s just not how I remember it.

Anyways, back to work. On top of everything else, summer internships have me a little worried. As good as a three-month siesta looks on a resume, bear internships don’t pay a dime.

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