ENV 712A: Hydrocarbons: Production to Policy

Visit to EDF Trading
by -- October 15th, 2013

Loaded up on Tex-Mex, warm-weather, and a dose of new perspectives, we made our final visit of the trip to EDF Trading. Our group was welcomed by two Fuqua alums that gave as an overview of the company and the complexities faced by the industry. Generally, I don’t consider myself a morning person and prefer to wake up slowly through multiple cups of coffee. The trading world, on the other hand, is alive and buzzing in the early a.m. Our host actually needed to step out for five minutes to submit a bid for a future trade that he had wrapped up that morning. I think the whole group was struck by how the individuals working in this industry needed to know a lot… about a lot.

In Conclusion

The visit to Houston showcased how vast and diverse the oil & gas industry is. We heard a lot of different opinions and perspectives that prompted me to look at the industry in a different way. In summary, the oil & gas industry:

  • The oil & gas industry is massive and complex, spanning multiple disciplines in science, business, policy, and community engagement throughout upstream and downstream operations.
  • The oil & gas industry is innovative. Companies’ main competitive advantages lie in the development and deployment of advanced technology.
  • The oil & gas industry is proactive in addressing safety and environmental concerns, often times exceeding global standards.
  • The oil & gas industry is not for the faint of heart. As reservoirs become more challenging to tap, companies must invest significantly more capital and take on more risk to stay ahead of the game.

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