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by Emily Myron -- September 24th, 2011

After a sleepless, rainy weekend, I am the proud owner of men’s basketball seasons tickets!

For those of you who live under a rock (or just REALLY hate sports), Duke has incredible basketball teams.  Unfortunately, if you want to see the men’s team play, you either have to wait outside the game and hope there is space, or campout for a weekend (with all the other eager Grad students) and hope you win a season pass.  Last weekend was the Graduate Student camp-out weekend – and it has taken me about this long to fully recover from it!

Last year, I was out of town campout weekend, so I was forced to wait about 5 hours to get into the University of Maryland game last winter (as a Marylander, it was a must-see).  This year, after a long, cold weekend, I will be rolling in right before the game with my season pass!

Home sweet home for the weekend.

Home sweet home for the weekend.

Friends who did campout last year insisted that we rent 26 foot long U-Hauls to sleep in for the weekend.  As a lover of the outdoors, I wasn’t so keen on the idea – sleeping in a tent for 2 nights doesn’t bother me.  As I snuggled on my dry aerobed while the temperature continued to drop and the rain continued to fall all weekend, I decided that the U-Haul was worth every cent!

Friday night was much like a typical Duke party, except with frequent interjections by a bullhorn signaling time for everyone to check in.  In order to be eligible for the ticket raffle, one can only miss one check in all weekend.  This meant that, even at 4 am, we had to drag ourselves out of our toasty sleeping bags and into the night to visit the check-in tent. Not surprisingly, many students dropped out over the course of the night, which made our odds of winning even better!

There are lots of different ways people 'camp-out'

There are lots of different ways people ‘camp-out’

Those who made it to Day 2 dispersing after a check in.

Those who made it to Day 2 dispersing after a check in.

Saturday morning, we were promptly awoken at 6:45 am, and then many of us spent the morning performing community service.  I worked at Seesaw Studios in Durham – an organization that cultivates local teen creative talent and coaches them as to how to start their own entrepreneurial ventures featuring their work. It is a unique organization that has made huge differences in the lives of local teens, and it was really fulfilling to help them prepare for another year of work.

After another largely sleepless night, time came on Sunday to clean up.  As an environmental student, I feel obligated to comment on the many freeloaders who stood around while a select few picked-up the common areas (just another piece of evidence for Hardin’s Tragedy of the Commons).

Campout Chaos

Campout Chaos

Finally, looking worse for wear, we took our places in line to find out if we won tickets. With the shouts of joy that could be heard, one would think GPSC was handing out winning lottery tickets but, needless to say, winning tickets did make the weekend worth it.  Now I can say that I have had the experience of camping out for basketball tickets (though, I wouldn’t say it is something I would do again…), and, come spring, I will also be able to say I attended one of the infamous Duke/UNC games! Go Duke!

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  1. Sue Smith
    Sep 28, 2011


    That was a great description (with photos to boot!) of the whole campout experience. I often try to relate this to prospectives around the country, and now I’m going to send them to your blog so they get the full flavor of the experience, Emily!

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