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Horseback riding in Raleigh
by Emma Kelley -- March 3rd, 2014

Valentines Day was a couple of weeks ago, which for me, meant a visit from my favorite travel buddy.  Alfred and I have explored Hawaii, South Carolina, and Costa Rica together.  This past weekend, we added North Carolina to the list.  We explored a few restaurants outside my usual haunts and decided to go horseback riding.  Although horseback riding isn’t the first activity that comes to mind when I think of North Carolina, it turned out to be a great way to see the area outside of the Duke campus and downtown Durham.

Driving out to the Dead Broke Horse Farm was my first peek at rural Raleigh.  We went about 25 min outside of downtown Durham, with the house to forest ratio slowly decreasing the further we rode.  We arrived at the horse farm and were met by a crowd of horses and a small group of people.  There were chickens and small dogs running around everywhere, each covered in a significant amount of mud.  By the end of our adventure, I was too.

We checked in at a small tent and I was given a black and white horse named Daisy-Faye to ride.  Alfred was given a Clydesdale named Kelly. After each person was assigned a horse, I was on Daisy-Faye and we were off on our trail ride.  I was surprised with how pristine and strikingly beautiful the North Carolina forests are.  There was still snow on the ground, but the air was warm.  It was nearing the late afternoon, so the sun shown through the trees.


The view from Daisy-Faye.
Photo credit: Emma Kelley


The sun shining through the trees.
Photo credit: Emma Kelley


The gorgeous NC forest. Photo credit: Emma Kelley

The ride lasted about an hour and before I knew it, we were back at the farm.  Exploring North Carolina by horseback is definitely an experience I would recommend.

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