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4 Great Things About Snow in the South
by Emma Kelley -- January 30th, 2014

Unless you were busy under a rock, you might have noticed that it snowed in Durham.  Although I’m a Scrooge about snow, even I have to admit: today was beautiful.  Throughout the snow day, I came up with a list of 4 great things about snow in the Carolinas…


Duke Chapel under a light blanket of snow.

1)   Having the day off, but not being trapped inside.

Growing up in New England, a snow day means that there are multiple feet of snow outside.  Its not that you can’t get to school, it’s that you can’t get anywhere.   Maybe, just maybe, you can convince your friends to accompany you on a suicide mission to a nearby hill for sledding.  Besides that, you’re pretty much stuck at home til you can dig yourself out and the plows clear the roads.

Today in Durham, I’m enjoying a relaxed day off and taking advantage of the rare opportunity of seeing the Duke Gardens under a light blanket of snow.


Snowy sunset in the Duke Gardens.

 2)  People who have never experienced a snow day….or snow.

I lost my love for the snow as soon as I was old enough to have to clean it off my car and out of the driveway.  I’ll spare you my horror stories of sliding off the road or on black ice and into traffic.  By the time I graduated high school, I never wanted to see snow ever again.

The first time I saw snow in the South was at the University of South Carolina.  It was more like slush, but there were still kids from Texas or California making snow angels, having snow-ball fights, and building slushy snowmen.  My New Yorker friend and I laughed at them a bit; but, looking back, it was heart-warming to watch.  As I started dusting off my car this morning, I noticed four people playing in the parking lot.  They were looking at the snow in their hands and throwing it up in the air.  It was a sense of snow-wonder I haven’t seen in years.


A snow angel in the Duke Gardens.

3)   Dogs who have never seen snow, but somehow already love it more than life itself.

This is something new to me.  I expected to meet people who have never seen snow, but never did I imagine how dogs might react to this new, crazy, white stuff.  Let me tell you, I was glued to facebook this morning, watching videos of friend’s dogs frolicking in their first snow.  They might just be having the most fun out of all of us.

4)   In the end, snow is just plain gorgeous.

I can’t argue with it.  Snow is beautiful.  It’s a quiet, clean, white, sparkling blanket covering everything.  While visiting family in Vermont over break, we were lucky enough to see forests and mountains covered in fresh snow.  There’s nothing quite like it.

2013-12-30 12.41.44

Snow-covered trees in Vermont.


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