The Secret to Falling in Love (with your MP)

Last month I had to commit to a Masters Project (MP) idea.  I’ve been thinking about it for months.  I’m usually a “get it done early” kind of person, but this time I procrastinated.  The magnitude of the decision seemed to paralyze me.


Why is it so hard to pick a topic?  Because your MP will be a major part of your life for the next 16 months!  Plus picking the right topic could propel your career to the next level …or change the course of humanity and win a Nobel Prize!  …NO PRESSURE!

No pressure

In the face of such high stakes, I found myself frantically having books FedEx-ed from the Duke Library, scheduling emergency calls with my mentor, and writing, then re-writing my idea summary….until the weekend before my topic was due.  It was then that I (mercifully) had a reality check.  (Nobel Prize?!? SERIOUSLY?!!!)

reality check

I realized I didn’t have to have a perfect MP idea right now.  I just need a topic that sparks my interest.  That spark will grow and evolve as I learn more about the subject matter.  And pretty soon the MP will be perfect (to me) and I’ll be studying a topic I love!!


The pressure was off once I realized the secret to finding an MP you love:  Start with a spark, then feed the spark with knowledge.  Before long you’ll be lighting up the world!


So, I picked a topic (Environmental Leadership, of course!), and submitted my MP idea with exactly 3 hours and 52 minutes to spare!