Step 1: Orientation

Do you remember when you went to college the first time for freshman orientation?  The awkward meetings, tearful good-byes, and barely edible cafeteria food?  Well, DEL-MEM orientation is NOTHING like that!
Here are my Top 5 Orientation Highlights:

1. Back to School Shopping!

It wouldn’t be August without back to school shopping.  I braved the masses and stocked up on all the grad school essentials…
Mechanical pencil and highlighter – check!
Bug spray for outdoor adventures – check!
Snack bars to counter act low-blood-sugar-mood-swings – check!
Colorful notebook for capturing bright ideas – check!
Duke paraphernalia – check, check, CHECK!

2. Happy Hour Meet-up
Here is something your freshman orientation definitely didn’t have…beer!  Not so for the DEL-MEM Class of 2016!

A few of us met-up the night before orientation so we could get to know each other over burgers and beers.  It meant on the first day of orientation I was walking into a room of friends rather than a room of strangers.

3. My Mentor, Josh
Each first year DEL-MEM students is paired with a second year student as a mentor.  My mentor was Josh:

Josh (aka “the-best-mentor-ever”) answered all my questions, calmed all my first-year-fears and even gave me a few pep-talks.  He also patiently watched while I showed him every photo I had on my iPad of my dog, Pippa…plus one video…!

4. The Knights…I mean Bulls…Baseball Social
The DEL Staff planned a social for all the first years, second years, faculty, and staff at the Durham Bulls v Charlotte Knights baseball game.   It was a great opportunity to get to know folks outside the classroom. Here we are in the “bull pin:”

Being from Charlotte, I had to root for the away team…Go Knights!

5. Sneaking into Cameron Indoor Stadium
No trip to Duke is complete without at least attempting to get center court at the home of the Blue Devils.  Lucky for us, someone left the building unlocked!  We took full advantage and snapped a couple shots of the Class of 2016 (minus one).

Honorable Mention: The Compostable Toilet…’nough said.