Santiago (Tues., 3/10/09) – Pursuing the “Triple-Bottom-Line” in Chile

A quick look at a corporate social responsibility initiative at Chile’s largest company, Arauco.

The “triple-bottom-line” of sustainable strategic management focuses on concurrently developing economics, ecologic practices, and social responsibility to increase success in all arenas.  Chile’s largest company, Arauco, has long known how to succeed in business.  But now the company also is engaging in environmental and social activities to pursue the “triple-bottom-line”.

Arauco has “26 years of excellence in education, serving the community” and until very recently has been quiet about its work.  The newly renamed Arauco Educational Foundation works to support teacher and school development in disadvantaged communities near its facilities.  Between 1989 and 2008, the Arauco Educational Foundation has worked with 4,386 teachers in 509 schools, improving educational opportunities for 78,000 students.

Arauco sees its work in corporate social responsibility as a way to gain credibility in communities that it touches throughout Chile.  The company hopes that credibility will lead to increased respect for the company, and ultimately, better relationships both within Chile and internationally.  As one of the largest forestry companies in the world, Arauco may be able to be an example for other companies that seek to chase the “triple-bottom-line”.