Santiago (Tues., 3/10/09) – Helping US Companies Doing Business in Chile

US Commercial Service provides assistance to US firms working in Chile.

So why do business in Chile? Chile is a very stable democratic country with positive growth and low corruption. Forbes ranks Chile 18th and ranks Chile at 22 (excellent) out of 179 (bad). You certainly should not be doing business in Zimbabwe right now, they are ranked at the bottom.

This morning we met with Isabel Valenzuela (spelled the same way as Fernando, the baseball player) with the US Embassy in Santiago.  As a Commercial Advisor, Ms. Valenzuela assists US companies in conducting business here in Chile.

Chile’s strengths are the growth of exports, their transparency of financial institutes and the good level of telecommunication technology (writing this blog from the Andes at the moment).  Chileans are conservative in nature, somewhat shy but engaging, a dry sense of humor.  They conduct business much the way we do in the US.  Chile faces challenges such as unemployment, high labor costs, low productivity rates and a deficient educational system.

Santiago was selected the “best city for business in Latin America.”  Chile needs US companies to provide environmental technology and consulting services. Businesses looking to expand their firms’ capabilities into the international market can check out for more information on what the US Commercial Service can do for them.