Santiago (Mon., 3/9/09) – New Connections with Chilean Duke Alumni

On March 9, the DEL class had a reception and dinner with Duke alumni living in Santiago.

Our group had a reception and dinner at the Santiago Park Plaza hotel in the Providencia neighborhood on March 9.  The reception started at 8:00PM and our group arrived 15 minutes late- we were coming from a meeting with Chile’s most famous Duke Alum Dr. Ricardo Lagos Escobar.  Seventeen alumni attend the event- most of the Chilean attendees were graduates of either the Law School or Fuqua.

The two groups interacted very well at the reception.  Dinner arrived at 9:15 PM (about the right time for a Chilean evening meal) and the event wrapped up about 11:30 PM.  It is likely there will be a number of long-term professional connections because of the event.

Many of the DEL students commented on the various opinions the alumni had on environmental, economic, and social issues.  Clearly, the Duke alumni in Santiago are in private and public sector positions that give them at least some level of influence over Chilean policy.