Michael’s First DEL Post: Dedication

This is dedicated to my fellow tree hugging, tree planting, dam removing, patchouli wearing, incense burning, chai drinking, chia eating, Teva wearing, no…Birkenstock wearing, no…Toms wearing, hybrid driving, ride sharing, bicycle owning, leather free, smoke free, gluten free, meat free, lactose free, lead free, BPA free, anti fracking, soda banning, microbead prohibiting, waste separating, plastics recycling, food composting, native landscaping, invasive species removing low flow fauceting, LED lighting, carbon footprinting tum offsetting, whale saving, wolf protecting, wind farming, hand sanitizing, ‘Coexist’ bumper sticker owning, purple piping, PETA loving, Mother Nature worshipping, pilates training, bikram yogaing, microfinancing, online petitioning, solar paneling, folk singing, biodeisel using, GMO protesting, fair trading, locally sourcing, free ranging, warmer wintering, hotter summering, MPA supporting, XL opposing, cleaner air, cleaner water, cleaner land, grass fed, whole grained, FBing, no…tweeting, no…snapchatting, lily-livered, hippie, co-op, socialist, sanctimonious, ecoterrorist megafauna. Your companion in tribulation. Your cohort in hypocrisy. With affection. Save the Earth and Namaste.


US West Coast Surf Forecast

NOAA/NCEP significant wave height model, SE Pacific, 180 hr fcst


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